P A R T N E R S    IN    M I N D

Rich and Marielle Aimes



"The Perceptives"



Board Certified Hypnotists,   

 Masters Degree in Counseling

  Purveyors of Phun!

Moving Solid Objects and Influencing Thoughts with the Mind!



"Is it really possible to bend a solid metal spoon using only the power of the Mind?"



"Can unseen energy be detected and controlled?"

An Astounding Evening of Sophisticated Entertainment!


"The act is solid and NEVER disappoints!"

 "You two were the reason for our event's success!"


"We are delighted to bring "The Perceptives" back every year!


"Every year we have huge crowds and "The Perceptives" are definitely an audience favorite."


From Campus to Corporate to County Fairs,

You've never seen anything like:

"The Perceptives"


Two Completely Different Shows!



One show is




Magic of the Mind!



A Clever Show full of Audience Participation and Music. "The Perceptives!"TM Family Friendly Fun using Intuition, Observation, and Humor to Delight Audiences of all ages!






The other show is: 




Comedy Hypnosis



A Fun & Funny Hypnosis Show Where The Volunteers On Stage Are

The Stars and are never put in Embarrassing or Suggestive Situations








" MindSurfin' "  Magic of the Mind!







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